Web Maintenance

MaaS Pros offers web maintenance packages for those businesses who are looking to update their website on a regular basis but do not have the time to do so. Keeping your website up to date with fresh content and new promotions is important to keep your website traffic flowing. Your customers will continue to visit your site for monthly updates if there is something new for them to come back for. Keeping your site stagnant or static will result in a decrease of website visitors. At MaaS Pros, depending on the number of updates or changes per month, we offer a range of hours in which you can provide us with the changes you would like made and we will update and maintain your website on your behalf. This way your website will be updated in a timely fashion and done with minimal website downtime.
Why is Web Maintenance Important?
  • Fresh Content Fresh content on the website shows that your website is highly active in the market. Keeping the website up to date creates a positive impression about your business. Every user wants to see fresh and up to date information on websites. Regular maintenance, fresh images and text keep the Internet users engaged on your website.
  • Back up your Website Data Our Web Maintenance packages include monthly backups to ensure that all of your website files are saved in case your website crashes or gets hacked.
  • To improve search engine rankings Websites with fresh and valid content get ranked higher in search engines. Content is one of the main components of Search Engine Optimisation. As your website increases in rank, the more chance you have of Internet users clicking on your site, gaining traffic and in turn enhances your website authority.
  • To fight black hat marketers In this highly competitive world, black hat marketers publish defamatory comments on your website to misguide your potential customers. Apart from redirecting potential customers, slanderous comments pull down the search engine ranking of your website as well. Maintaining your website periodically helps you in moderating and keeping off such comments from your website