Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a way to measure the impact that your website has on Internet users.
What can Web Analytics measure:
  • Number of visitors to a site
  • Number of unique visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Duration of a visitors stay on a page
  • The path of the visitors visit
  • Keyword(s) used to reach the website
Web Analytics is important as it provides a measurable way to monitor the functionality of a website. It even differentiates the most visited and least visited areas of a website in order to determine the strength of specific pages. MaaS Pros offers Web Analysis services to help improve the overall performance of a website. A website is an evolving process and should never be left stagnant. Web Analytics shows you with measurable results what areas of your site is working and what areas are not. If you find that visitors are staying on a page and leaving within seconds, then you know that pages needs to be modified. Web Analytics allows you to know what areas of your site should be modified in order to increase conversion rates.