Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a powerful online marketing tool that many businesses are utilising in their online marketing campaigns. Incorporating videos on your website directly conveys messages to your clients in a unique manner, rather than the traditional method of reading information.
Videos can enhance your customers overall website experience:
A website full of text without any images or videos looks dull. People will not be interested to spend much time on a dull website. However, images and videos have the power to hold people for quite a long period. Putting videos enhances the overall browsing experience of potential clients. Seamless integrated videos maximise the effectiveness of the website. As Internet users enjoy the overall website experience, they are likely to visit again. Uploading videos on a regular basis will further enhance your return rates. The graphic below displays the average time that an Internet user will spend on a web page with text only, images and text and videos only. As you can see, pages with videos only have a longer average time spent on the page.
Videos help with Search Engine Optimisation:
Websites with videos are more likely to get higher rankings on search engines than websites without videos. Video marketing can help with search engine optimisation by generating huge traffic to the website, building links and improving conversion rates. The presence of videos on your website enhances the probability of getting ranked higher. Posting videos on your website and then optimising it often helps in increasing the traffic to your site. A website with video presence on search results is more likely to get clicked than the competing website which doesn’t have videos posted on it. This increase in the number of clicks in turn can improve search engine ranking.
Videos increase brand awareness:
Videos have the ability to go viral. If your business creates a dynamic video, Internet users will share it with their peers and so on and so forth, resulting in your brand being seen and watched from a wide audience.
MaaS Pros Video Marketing Services include:
  • Building brand awareness online
  • Informing the clients about products and services through high quality videos
  • Generating leads through video marketing
  • Engaging with potential clients
  • Enhancing site traffic
  • Increasing the overall sales through video marketing
  • Improving online search clicks through rich content videos
  • Decreasing website bouncing rate
  • Improving SEO ranking
  • Creating socially relevant and up-to-date videos
MaaS Pros offers effective, innovative and unique marketing services to all its clients worldwide. Through video marketing, we can help your business build brand awareness, customer relationships and increase conversions to your website.