Training & Support

Our Franchisees success is paramount to MaaS Pros. To this end we have developed a very extensive online training program that consists of approximately 60 hours of training. All of our Franchisees must complete and “graduate from” our online training program. The MaaS Pros training is designed to take a new Franchisee from being a relative novice to a confident professional in the world of digital marketing.

The MaaS Pros training program was created to enhance the Franchisees knowledge of Digital Marketing and Business solutions through Internet marketing techniques and best practices. The technology courses include Website design, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Social Media Marketing and more. We also provide courses on how to build and market your MaaS Pros franchise along with a detailed walk through of our technologies. Upon completion of the training program, MaaS Pros Franchisees receive on-going training in order to meet the industry’s continually evolving technologies and services.

The MaaS Pros support system is like no other one we know of in the franchising world. Our goal is for our Franchisees to be able to and have time to concentrate on the two key elements of their business – selling and client service. These are the two areas that will make the Franchisee the most money from ongoing revenue, residual income and referring the MaaS Pros team of professional advisors.

The training MaaS Pros has implemented is quite astounding, very impressive. I have found my fears of knowing nothing about the world of digital marketing and it’s lexicon attainable.
- Tony Cavey MaaS Pros Licensee, Australia

Thank you so much for making this training available to me. It is cogent and easily understandable.
- Elizabeth Winstead MaaS Pros, Florida

The training is unbelievable and I am so happy you guys found me.
- Steve Hamm MaaS Pros Licensee, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

The training is very enjoyable and informative. I am learning a lot!
- Desi Sibilo MaaS Pros Franchisee, Northwest Calgary

  • 60+ hours of online training.
  • In-depth training on a variety of digital marketing services.
  • Quizzes and case studies will be marked throughout your training.
  • Sales and business training.
  • On-going training to keep you up - to-date.
  • Access to the ProHub.