SSL Certificates

SSL is an abbreviation of Secured Sockets Layer. The function of SSL is to create an encrypted connection between the website’s web server and the Internet users web browser. This encrypted connection ensures the secure transfer of confidential data without the issue of message forgery, data tampering or eaves dropping. To enable SSL security on your website, you need to have an SSL Certificate as identification for the SSL installed on the web server. On installing an SSL Certificate on your website, it gets secured and the data entered will be seen only by the owner of the website. SSL Certificates help in gaining the trust of your customers and making your website safe and secure.
Benefits of SSL Certificates:
  • To Encrypt Data The information sent via the Internet passes through different computers before it reaches the destination server. Any computer in between can hack and use the data if it is not in an encrypted format.The data can be confidential details like username, password or credit card information. Using SSL Certificates makes the data unreadable. As a result, only the destination server can decrypt the data, thereby making the transaction secure.
  • To Gain Customer’s Trust With an increasing number of online hackers, Internet shoppers make it a point to purchase only from websites that are authentic. While shopping online, people give preference to websites that have trust seals of the SSL Certificate. A lock icon and green bar in the address bar can easily attract customers to your website.
  • To Protect Your Website From Phishing Fraudsters use man-in-the-middle attack methodology in phishing process. They send phishing mails impersonating your website. The SSL Certificate is a powerful tool that can help your customers in differentiating your website from the impersonated ones.In short, SSL Certificates on your website help you and your customers from the attack of phishes. We govern the security of your customers. We offer highly secured SSL Certificates for our clients to make their website secure for the customers to associate with.
MaaS Pros’s SSL Certificate Services include:
  • State-Of-Art Data Encryption MaaS Pros SSL Certificate services translateyour data into impenetrable code, which makes it safe from identity thieves and hackers.By securing your website with an SSL Certificate, we protect the confidential information of your customer and the reputation of your website.
  • Different Validation To Choose From We offer SSL Certificates with different validation. You can choose the apt validation that suits the requirements of your website and makes it legitimate. This allows your customers to perform transactions with confidence.
  • Trusted Signs The Trusted signs of the SSL Certificate assure security to your customer. Signs are assigned based on the validation that you choose. This helps you attract customers to shop from your secure website.
  • Improved Website Conversion 63% of online shoppers will not shop from a website until it has an SSL Certificate authentication. A secure website environment builds customer’s trust on your website.Our SSL Certificate services help you gain customer’s trust, increase sales and conversion rates.