Social Media Management

Social media is an incredible channel for businesses to provide exposure to their business, products and services. Popularizing your business through social media is the digital marketing way of “word-of-mouth.”As people get to know about your company from a third person, they consider it to be more genuine than your direct advertisement. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help you in grabbing Internet user’s attention. Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic, building leads and connecting with customers through social media sites. Social Media has become a widely used platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. More and more small to medium sized businesses are taking advantages of the benefits that social media has on their business.
Benefits of Social Media Marketing:
  • Drives traffic to a website
  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Expand your Reach
  • Supports SEO efforts
  • Showcase products and services
  • Improved customer service
One great benefit of social media marketing is that the techniques used can be tracked to measure the results of your social media marketing efforts. Social Media Marketing initiatives include creating content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.
Social Media Statistics:
  • About 43% of people in their twenties spend a minimum of ten hours a week on social media sites.
  • Social media sites were used as a marketing platform by 94% of all companies.
  • 85% of companies that have opted to use social media as a marketing platform have reported a great increase in worldwide exposure.
  • 53% of the companies that relied on social media for a period of over three years have reported an increase in their sales during that particular period.
MaaS Pros Social Media Management Services include:
  • Creating striking profile pages in different social media sites
  • Using customised designs to make your business page stand out and to brand your company
  • Offering researched and shareble content on a regular basis to your fans, friends and followers
  • Engaging with your potential customers
  • Helping you in measuring the ROI
MaaS Pros can help you generate qualified leads through your social media marketig efforts. We implement all of the necessary strategies to improve the reach, readership and loyalty of your business through high quality, eye-catching social media content that entices more traffic towards your website. Contact a MaaS Pros representative today.