Secured Payment Portal

A secured payment portal authorises payments during online sales. The main function of a secured payment portal is to ensure the secure transfer of sensitive information involved in the online payment process. In online payments, sensitive information will first pass from the customer to the merchant and from the merchant to financial institutions. In order to ensure safe transfer of confidential details during the data transfer process, the data will be sent in encrypted format. Every eCommerce website must have a secured payment portal in order to ensure safe transactions for your customers. At MaaS Pros, we offer secured payment portal services to our clients to have safe financial transactions through their website.
The need for a secured payment gateway:
  • Secured Transactions With numerous online fraud cases being reported, customers are very cautious while choosing a website to shop online. Your website must have a secured payment portal in order to encrypt the data and protect it from being hacked by any third person.
  • To Prevent Website Re-direction The main benefit of having a payment portal is that your customers will not have to leave your webpage to make the payment. Redirecting customers to another website for payment may lead to mistrust and the customer may abandon the purchase. On the other hand, as customers input the data directly on your website, the payment process can be done in fewer steps without any hassle.
  • Real Time Transactions and Payments With the secured payment portal, you can accept credit card payments directly on your website. As a result, the credit card transactions will be processed in real-time. Real time transaction means, you get paid instantly and at the same time customers get feedback on the successful transaction.
  • Save Time A secured payment portal saves the time consumed in transaction processing. As this payment gateway does not require any third party consolidation or manual card processing, it saves valuable time of the customer and merchant as well.
  • Added Convenience In websites with secured payment gateway, customers can buy products/services at any hour of the day or night. With a payment gateway, online businesses can make profits 24/7/365.