Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is an online marketing strategy used to direct traffic to a website. Advertisers pay only when the ad is clicked on. With search engines, advertisers or businesses will bid on keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to their business and target market. PPC “display” ads, also known as “banner” ads are shown on websites or search engine results with related content.
Different types of Pay Per Click advertisements:
  • Text Ads WIn PPC Campaigns, Text Ads are created through links using the most prominent keywords that are related to the business. As customers click on the link, they will be directed towards the targeted page.
  • Image Ads In Image Ads, an image of the products or services related to the business will be displayed on any other correlated webpage. Once users click on the image, they will land on the desired webpage.
  • Video Ads Video ads are a great way to grab the attention of your targeted audience. In this type of PPC Campaign, a short film will be shot based on the products and services of the business. The link will be placed on the video resources like YouTube. You need to pay the advertiser only when the audience clicks to watch the advertisement.
Benefits of using Pay-per-Click Ads:
  • Instant Search Visibility For businesses that do not have strong search engine visibility, pay-per-click advertising is a method used to gain visibility on search engines. If done correctly, PPC Ads can be the fastest way of driving traffic to your website.
  • Measurable Results Pay per click advertisements makes it easy to measure the traffic to your website. The number of click through rates measures the number of visitors to your website. Cost per click also measures the traffic inflow.
  • Cost Effective Pay per click is one of the most cost effective means of promoting products and services of a business. In contrast to other advertising methods, in PPC advertisements you need to make payment only when the ad gets clicked by a visitor.
  • Target potential audience Location targeting, language targeting, demographic targeting and even targeting the time and day will allow you to grab the attention of your target audience. Through PPC advertisements, you can easily target the right audience to ensure increased conversion rates.
MaaS Pros’s Pay Per Click Advertisement services include:
  • Creation of relevant PPC Ads to enhance visibility and traffic
  • Relevant and quality traffic targeted advertising
  • Time to time reporting on the performance of the ads
  • Enhancing brand visibility on search engines
  • Increased conversion rates