Ecommerce Development

eCommerce is the buying and selling of a product or service over the internet.We assist businesses in converting their existing website into an online storefront or create an eCommerce website from scratch. There are many components that are involved in an eCommerce website, such as, an optimised website for checkout, shopping cart, payment gateway, secure server and SSL Certificate. In order to have a successful eCommerce store front, there are many factors involved beyond just including a shopping cart on the website. We study online buyer patterns of your target market and customers and apply this researched data in order to help us design websites that maximise buyer conversion rates.
Benefits to an eCommerce storefront:
  • Reduced operating expenses The costs associated with managing an eCommerce website is minimal compared to having a physical storefront with high overhead, rent and hiring staff.
  • Businesses can be scalable without opening physical locations An eCommerce website allows for scalability across the globe without having the task of opening physical locations to meet your clients needs.
  • Attract a wider target audience Through an eCommerce website, your business can reach a broader exposure worldwide by being available at all hours of the day, every day of the year. Customers can order and purchase products from across the globe at their convenience without having to worry about time zone. As opposed to having a physical storefront, your business’s exposure is limited to the city and during the working hours that you set that may not comply with all of your customers schedule. With eCommerce websites, people from different parts of this world can become your customers.
  • Maximise the life-time value of a customer Once your eCommerce website is implemented, your customers will have the ease of ordering and purchasing products from the comfort of your home and office. By making the purchasing process easy and seamless, your customers will continue to purchase products from you in the future.