Blogging has become such an integral part of the internet and business websites. More and more businesses are realizing how important blogging is to stay in touch with customers, reach out to potential customers and it benefits search engine optimisation. Search engine algorithms support websites, which incorporate fresh content on a regular basis. Search Engines give higher ranks to websites that have up to date blogs with fresh content. Blog writing helps in enhancing keyword visibility in your website. Usage of keywords in the standard content of your website can sometimes be limited. Whereas creating a blog for your website will increase the keyword density and search ranking as well. The number of blog readers worldwide is increasing at an exponential rate. By 2014, the number of blog readers in the US are expected to reach 150.4 million.
Why is a Blog important on my website?
  • Benefits for your Website Blogging is an effective, inexpensive and simple way of enhancing the exposure of your website. With an increasing number of blog readers worldwide, a blog exposes your website to clientele worldwide. It minimises your effort to showcase your website to the large Internet population.
  • Use as a Marketing Tool Blogging helps in easily describing what the website is all about. Keeping the blog brief, simple and friendly will lure the customers to read further about the website.
  • To Enhance Credibility If your website is meant to sell products or services, gaining the credibility of the customers is crucial. Accurate, informative, well written and friendly blogs help you earn credibility within the industry and customers as well.
  • Helps You Stay Live Updating the blogs as frequently as possible increases your search ranking, which in turn enhances the traffic inflow.
  • Build Relationships Blog writing helps you in building loyal relationships with customers across the globe. The demographic information about the people visiting your site and reading the blogs will help you set up a conversation with your customers and thereby building a strong relationship with them.
  • Generate more leads Blog writing plays a crucial role in generating leads for your business through your website. Websites that post at least 20 posts a month gain four times more leads than the websites that don’t blog.
  • Builds Reputation Websites that stay live with frequent updates and high search engine ranking can easily build up reputation in the industry. As the website gains reputation, more and more people get driven towards the website which in turn increases the traffic inflow.